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High Temperature Coatings

When the temperature increases, the hot surfaces react directly with a gaseous atmosphere and dry corrosion processes are generated.

In industrial facilities there are operations that involve an increase in temperature. Due to this, equipment and structures must be protected by selecting coatings designed to counteract the effect of corrosion, thermal stress and temperature cycles that may occur during and out of service, without losing their integrity and functionality.

The requirements and the selection of coatings vary depending on the operating temperature range and the type of work to be done: new work, maintenance out of service or maintenance during service (hot repair). Aplika Control Corrosion has specialized coatings capable of supplying wide temperature ranges (-196°C up to 650°C) in out-of-service and in-service conditions (hot applications up to 205°C), providing high temperature protection while protecting insulated structures from corrosion under insulation (CUI).