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Fireproofing Coatings

The main objectives of passive fire protection (Fireproofing) are:

The protection of personnel: it offers people time to escape or get safe from the effects of a fire.

Infrastructure protection: minimises damage to steel structures. 

Steel does not burn, as the temperature increases its mechanical properties decrease. Passive fire protection delays this increase, preventing the structure from reaching a critical temperature (538°C/ASTM E-119) where its load bearing capacity is compromised.

Without protection, steel will experience an accelerated temperature increase.

Intumescent coating technologies provide this protection because in the event of a fire they swell, creating a strong, insulating layer that slows the temperature rise in the steel.

Aplika Control Corrosion have a range of specialized products certified under international standards, capable of meeting the fire protection needs required by each industry. In order to select the appropriate coating, factors such as

  • The type of fire to which the structure or building may be subjected (cellulosic or hydrocarbon): hydrocarbon/jet fire reaches higher temperatures in less time than cellulosic fire.
  • The expected time of resistance to fire: it must be defined by the project designer, based on standards that apply in each case (NSR-10 / ISO 834).
  • The geometry and size of each of the structures to be protected.