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Corporate Values

In Aplika Control Corrosión, the corporate values are consistent with its culture and frame the essence, competitiveness, effort and dynamism with which we focus to provide quality services that add value and confidence to all parties involved.

Each member of Aplika Control Corrosión must be aligned with the values of the organization:

RESPONSIBILITY, in each task, in each decision, guaranteeing trust and safety for our customers and partners.

LOYALTY, with the parties involved, with the commitments and values of the organization and with the rules and laws of the same.

EQUITY, justice and equality throughout the structure, is the guarantee that each employee of the organization is a fundamental part.

RESPECT, each action must be within the framework of respect, which is fundamental for coexistence, building the best relationships with customers and partners.

SERVICE, our commitment is the satisfaction of our customers, through the best service, we prepare for this and is part of the DNA of the organization, thus ensuring the generation of value promised.

TEAM WORK, our model is based on the support and accompaniment inside and with our allies, to guarantee that each service was built with quality.

RESILIENCE, we are characterized by perseverance, positive attitude, despite the adversities, we are prepared to assume each challenge with the best disposition.